Faith,Human Rights and Justice

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Name of event Faith,Human Rights and Justice

Time: 1:00 pm

Organizers: Caritas ARCC ECumerical PLatform

Number of participants

Male 30

Female 30

Total 60

Key speakers

NIcolas Otieno

Summary of Issues

Human Rights charter adapted by UN in 1948 mainly to defend promote and present human rights.HUman beings are bborn free,their rights must be protected and respected including property,life,,liberty,sercuity.Also protection against ttorture and other crimes.

Declaration on HUman rights stipulates emphasis on collective responsibility e.g community rights attracts different interpretations relatedd to culture and religion.

God is not mentioned but the unity and dignity is unique enables humans to live in unity and dignty.Negative impulses have affected human rights e.g JIhads,Genocide e.g in Rwanda and terrosim e.g World Trade Centre.

Humans have used God as an instrument of manipulation,extoortion and exploration at demonstrated by the nNdian coast system where preconcieved ideas relegates one to a certain class in society. Justice without love in christianity is inadequate christianity should be above culture.LOve is most important for humanity.Without Love human rights efforts will not create meaning to life. HUman rights efforts should create environment of inclusivity for humanity to encompass even the weak in the society.

Culture without love cannot succed in bettering humans instead of faith and religion uniting humanity,it is causing divisions.Religion can help human rights through love leading to God.

Emergence of lliberalisation of economy,then freedom of religion leading to too many denominations has led to growth of fundamentalism and intolerance to diversity.Such is anti-human rights and creates animosity

Some cultures are anti-human rights e.g female circumision,exploitation of women in society to provide nourishment to the family but are not part of decision making.Here,culture undermines human rights. Religion should used positively,not to be an impediment to human rights.

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