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Instructions and help



This website is about the activities of the World Social Forums. Many of the activities are one-time events (conferences, workshops etc.) during particular social forums, others span over more than one WSF.

Each WSF activity should have its own page, and each page should belong to at least one of the 21 basic 'books' (the 'basic books' of this WSF library are the 21 actionable themes) and to at least one of the 'chapters' (these are the Social Forums).

On our MediaWiki, 'books' and 'chapters' translate into categories. The 21 Actionable themes form an own category. The frontpage of each Actionable theme should be maintained by a librarian or a team of librarians, who actively and continuously collect information and news from experts and social activists.

To find an activity, click and browse the Actionable Themes (from the navigation bar on the left), or Search for existing pages (articles) with the search-button.

Note that you have to create an account for yourself and login to the site, if you intend to amend and edit the pages, or add new pages. Use the links in the upper right corner to register and login.

Editing pages

An edit toolbar is automatically displayed with the edit box, once you have clicked on "Edit". The edit toolbar is explained at . More generally, we recommend Wikipedia's tutorial on How To Edit A Page and Wiki Textbook's Using Images Tutorial.

How to create a new page? When you are ready to start creating the new page, type its Title in the search-field under the navigation bar (left), then press the Go-button. You will be taken to a page with a link to editing the new page, if it does not yet exist. The title of a page should be, or be based on, the name of the activity.


Every page is supposed to belong to a category.

The pages about the WSF activities are classified by WSF event and actionable theme. Each activity should be placed in at least two categories, one for the event to which it belongs (like "Dakar WSF 2011") , and another for at least one actionable theme (like "Peace and war").

To include a page in a category, enter the first characters of the name of the category in the "Add category"-field under the editable text-area. The whole name of the category will appear so that you may select it. Sometimes you might see alternative spellings of the name of an actionable theme, or another category-name. Be careful to select the name which corresponds exactly to the list of actionable themes on the front-page.

To add the second category, type a semicolon (;) after the first category-name. Then start typing the beginning of the name of the second category directly after the semicolon.

This is an example of how category-tag may look in the editable text-area:

[[Category:Debt, taxation and public finance]] [[Category:Nairobi WSF 2007]] Of course, you may also add and edit category-tags directly in the edit-area. Furthermore, you may create new categories. (just add them!) To see a list of the existing categories, click on the word "Category" in a category-link. Read more about MediaWiki-categorization in Wikipedia:

Convert documents from Open Document Format (.odt) to MediaWiki

You may use the open source software Open Office to convert long and complex documents to Wiki-format, but first you need install the appropriate export filter into OpenOffice.

Download the filter and read the istallation instructions here:

In this way you may, for instance, open a MS Word document (.doc), save it as ODT, and expert it to a text-file with wiki markup through the Odt2Wiki-filter, wherafter you are ready to copy-paste it into MediaWiki.

Wikipedia and the WSFLibrary website

Despite its being the most extensive general encyclopedia that ever existed, Wikipedia does not cover or present the activities of the Social Forum, which is the special purpose of this site.

We want to encourage you to contribute pages and add information about civic organizations, social movements and personalities - to Wikipedia! Articles in Wikipedia and/or the websites of the same civic organizations, social movements and personalities can always be linked to WSFLibrary when needed.

Archives of the Social Forums

In addition to building and maintaining this online library on the activities of the WSF, we have started to build collections in public libraries or archives of the physical documents: texts, speeches, leaflets, booklets, photos, posters etc. from the social forums. East African librarians, for instance, plan to make their collection available via a new and proactive public library in Nairobi. The physical documents are then to be linked to (in case they exist as datafiles, or have been scanned) or referred to on the pages of this website.

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