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In fact, the biggest challenge for the organizers of the World Social Forum does not consist in defining new and better contents that could lead to even more concrete proposals, but to guarantee the continuity of the form the Forum was given - a case in which the means are determinant for the aim to be reached. - Chico Whitaker, Brazil, one of the founders of the WSF, Right Livelihood Award 2006.


Unlike journalists whose information is only valid for a few days and there after discarded, librarians could gather information in all formats, store it for posterity purposes and disseminate it to those who the WSF represent - the marginalized groups. - Esther Obachi, Kenya, Secretary of Kenya Library Association.


Libraries share with the World Social Forum the principle of provision of open spaces, which encourage reflective thinking, exchange of experiences, interlinking of common interests for effective action. - Kay Raseroka, Botswana, chairperson of International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) 2003-2005.

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